X-routes on uusi paikkatietoon perustuva seikkailupeli, jossa pelaajat liikkuvat oikeassa maailmassa ratkaisemassa tehtäviä

X-routes is a location-based adventure game platform where you can easily create exciting games and stories for others to experience. Anyone can be a game designer!

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To get access to all the games you need the X-routes app. You can download it from Google Play or App Store or play it on web browser at https://play.x-routes.com


X-routes aarteenmetsästys, seikkailupeli

Treasure hunting

X-routes games are sort of treasure hunts, only supercharged.

The players travel from one exciting checkpoint to another collecting points and unlocking achievements. The checkpoints can be quizzes, actions or location based. There are also secret checkpoints which can only be seen after the prerequisites are met, which enables true storytelling experience.

Players can take part in multiple public games or invite only games, and play as single players or in groups. The possibilities are endless.

Give it a try and prepare for an adventure!

X-routes tee oma seikkailupeli

Create your own games!

X-routes games are made with the X-designer which enables you to make compelling games of virtually any subject.

Create regular checkpoints visible on a map and secret checkpoints which can be found only by following hints YOU provide in the game.

Creating X-routes games is a simple and quick process. In addition, X-routes provides ready made game designs that can be easily localized with only few clicks.

Read more on how to create your own games here!

Omalle yritykselle peli

Build your brand with your own game

We offer X-routes as a “White label” version as well. If you wish to extend your brand and offer cool added value for your customers, contact us and we’ll fix up your own special adventure game. Apps in app-stores and all.

Your brand, your games, your way.

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X-routes for education

Even though X-routes is all about fun and games, it doesn't mean it can't be used productively. The game has already been used by several educational institutes in Finland and the students and teachers are loving it. The games have been teaching the students about local history, wildlife, biology etc. You can even teach maths via the quizzes if you want to. X-routes will be a valuable tool when you want to activate your students and offer them more exciting education and tasks.
X-routes - Seikkailupeli kaikille

Running on X-routes

The Digital City Adventure (Digitaalinen kaupunkiseikkailu aka. DKS) has been arranged every year since 2013 in Mikkeli, Finland. It is a 24h adventure where hundreds of players group up and search for the normal and secret checkpoints by solving clues. The game requires the players to be inventive and also execrise a bit while moving around the city without the help of motored vehicles. Every year there are new surprises and awesome prizes for the players - and ofc a great atmosphere!

The next DKS will take place on the 15th-16th of September 2017. Read more from the official website of the event.
Lahti Skiing Championship 2017 were held in the City of Lahti in Finland. Two separate games took part during the event. LahtiRace and LahtiRace Extreme consisted of close to hundred checkpoints located in local businesses. The checkpoints were events or quizzes, or both.  X-routes also functioned as the official city map with hundreds of POI-chekcpoints which consisted of local sights and businesses.  The players won daily prizes as well as the winners of each race received hefty travel vouchers.
X-routes has already been the foundation for several workplace well-being adventure games. For the most parts these games consist of event checkpoints and secret checkpoints where workers need to group up and work together while solving the puzzles and completing tasks. X-routes is a perfect tool for strenghtening and improving the team spirit and effectiveness.
The Mikkeli branch of the largest hotel chain in Finland, Sokos Hotels came up with the idea to offer their customers a bit more excitement during their stay at the hotel by providing them with an adventure game where the player solves small riddles to find local businesses and attractions. This is a recurring game with different themes and topics. The achievements offer benefits in local businesses and at the hotel.
X-routes conquered Mäntyharju in July 2017. This one-month long adventure game contained five categories (sports, culture, history, travelling, nature) which included 56 checkpoints altogether. Each category had three levels and the players could improve their status by opening more checkpoints and collecting points. Mäntyharju Race had 15 collaborating businesses which offered prizes or discounts for the players. The game was very popular and addictive, with over 240 players.
In July and August 2017, Mikkelipuisto (a park with model gardens and a restaurant in Mikkeli, Finland) had two games for its customers: In the adults' game, Mikkelipuisto Tour, the players got to know ten model gardens a bit better, got additional information, and learned new things. In the children's game, Mystery of Mikkelipuisto, the players had to step into detective shoes and find out the mysterious thief with the help of the clues hidden in the park. 

Download the app

It's free you know....

To get access to all the games you need the X-routes app. You can download it from Google Play or App Store or play it on web browser at https://play.x-routes.com